China Airlines earns NT$32.55 billion from January to June

The China Post staff

China Airlines (CAL) yesterday announced that it earned NT$32.55 billion in the first half of the year, an increase of 10.8 percent from last year, despite the enduring negative effects of the 9-21 earthquake and the Y2K computer bug.

CAL also recorded a net profit of NT$1.39 billion during the six months to June, raising its EPS (earnings per share) by 24 percent to NT$0.68 from a year ago.

The company has implemented its fleet renewal program and other major initiatives to assure flight safety, enhanced service quality and reduced costs. “During the first six months, the average cost for each flight dropped 8.1 percent, compared to the same period last year,” the company said. Meanwhile, the productivity of CAL’s employees increased by 19.1 percent.

During the first six months of the year, passenger traffic increased by 4 percent, and cargo haulage increased by 29.2 percent. The increased business is partly attributed to the recovering economy in the Asia-Pacific region. The company expects to report continued growth in passenger numbers and cargo shipped in July and August.

Over the next two months, CAL will inaugurate a charter passenger service to India as well as scheduled passenger services to Penang in Malaysia and Medan in Indonesia. The arrival of three Boeing 747-400s in July and August has increased the company’s capacity in passenger and cargo operations. In line with booming Internet business, CAL joined nine other major airlines in Asia to launch an online travel website in a bid to further enhance services.

According to an Airline Business survey, CAL was ranked 14th, in terms of passenger traffic during the first quarter of this year, and CAL’s cargo operations rank among the top-ten in the world.