Compaq announces strategic alliance with HTC

The China Post staff

Compaq yesterday announced the development of a strategic alliance with HTC Corporation, opening the way for HTC to operate as an OEM producer of Compaq’s handheld PCs and other wireless information appliances (IA). This is not the first partnership for HTC which already has manufacturing agreements with a number of international computer companies.

HTC has been ranked as the fourth-fastest growing company in Taiwan, by Commonwealth magazine. Since its creation in 1997, the company has maintained an annual revenue growth rate of 300 percent, and aims to become the leading manufacturer of mobile computing and communication devices.

“The Internet appliance industry, characterized by an incredibly fast pace of convergence, development and proliferation of new technologies, will grow rapidly in the near future,” HTC’s president H.T. Cho said yesterday after the two companies announced the strategic alliance.

Compaq launched a handheld PC, iPAQ Pocket PC, several months ago, which was recently selected by PC Magazine as the top pocket PC in 2000 based on its impressive display, easy expandability, storage capacity and speed.

“The popularity of Windows CE for pocket PC has elevated the mobile devices category to new heights,” said Ted Clark, Vice President of Compaq’s information appliance division, who came to Taiwan to speak at a seminar held in conjunction with the press conference for the strategic alliance announcement. Clark said that orders for Compaq’s iPAQ Pocket PC have far exceeded his expectations thanks to its unique modular design. In fact, the iPAQ Pocket PC is Compaq’s most popular handheld product ever, said Clark.

The iPAQ Pocket PC is designed with 32MB of memory, a 206-MHz microprocessor and a color display with five brightness levels so that it works equally well at night.

Clark lauded HTC for its engineering expertise and production management. “Our relationship with HTC is critical to our on-going success, and we are very pleased to be working with such a highly regarded company as HTC,” Clark said.