Police prostitution crackdown on leads to arrests in Taipei, including district court judge

The China Post staff

The latest wave of the police’s crack down on prostitution in both Taipei City and County this week not only nailed a local judge caught in the act but a couple of men down on their luck during their first time employing members of the oldest profession. According to investigators in charge, Chin Hsueh-pin, a circuit judge at Taipei District Court, was caught by police during a sting operation Tuesday night for hiring a call girl. Chin’s penchant for prostitutes was exposed earlier last week when police raided a motel on the city’s Chungshiao East Road and found him in the buff in bed with the woman for hire. Even though the legal consequence of the judge’s sex trade with a prostitute was considered a personal matter, officials at the Taipei District Court were determined to make an example out of him by sending him to Control Yuan for disciplinary action, charging him for violating the conduct guidelines for judges. Aside from the unlucky judge, a 50-year-old man who decided to celebrate his own birthday by hiring a call girl was caught when police from the city’s Chungluan precinct in Shungshan district found him having sex with a 24-year-old nurse who doubled as a prostitute at night. After his arrest, the man told police that his lewd conduct all started with the small sex ad he found on his car when he thought a NT$10,000-a-pop fun with a young woman would make his 50th birthday memorable. Meanwhile, compared to the two sex-buyers mentioned above, a male gigolo’s lucky star was definitely missing in action last week when he was arrested by authorities in Panchiao following the robbery and blackmail by a phony cop who posed as a “customer” during their encounter at a local motel. The 26-year-old male prostitute told investigators that when he showed up for his “appointment” at the motel room, he was first robbed of cash and credit cards by his “male client” who told him that he was a policeman with the flash of real police ID and that it was a sting. The gigolo’s customer then told him that in order to settle the case, he would need to fork over all his cash along with a subsequent payment of NT$30,000. However, while both men were in the process of negotiation, real police showed up in the room and arrested both of them. During his confession, the phony cop told the real ones about the scam and said the police ID in his possession was stolen by him from a policeman’s motorcycle earlier this month.