Ramirez remains frugal despite US$160 million contract


Even with his new US$160 million contract with the Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez isn’t looking for luxury suites or a town house on a golf course — the Holiday Inn will do. The modest Ramirez is known for his frugality. His agent, Gene Mato, said that Ramirez, aware of the high prices in Boston, won’t be looking for a penthouse apartment or even a house, just “something simple, in a quiet area.” “Manny is one of the most frugal guys I’ve met in my life,” Mato told The Boston Globe. “He knows exactly how much money he has in the bank. He will do anything to get a bargain. He doesn’t pay top dollar on anything.” For his stay in Fort Meyers, Florida for spring training next year, he’s already been offered houses on the water and homes next to a golf course. Instead, he plans to stay with the Red Sox minor leaguers. When he was with the Cleveland Indians, he stayed in the Holiday Inn. Ramirez doesn’t dispute his reputation. The child of Dominican immigrants who grew up hitting baseballs in a dowscale neighborhood of New York, Ramirez said he’s “a humble guy, a simple guy.” “I never like to tell people I’m the best hitter … I’m not that kind of person,” he said. It’s often hard to get Ramirez to say anything at all. Sports writers in Cleveland were surprised by how chatty Ramirez was when he signed with Boston last week. “For eight years, all he would say was, ‘How’s it going big guy?”’ Lake County Herald reporter Jim Ingraham said. “Now he’s Winston Churchill.”