Cross-strait investment a benefit to economy: Chi

The China Post staff

Schive Chi, a former deputy of the Council for Economic Planning and Development, yesterday asked the president to speed up opening cross-strait investment and trade.

After a meeting with President Chen Shui-bian, Schive said the government’s continued restrictions on cross-strait business will only create more problems.

He suggested that the government free enthusiastic investors to participate in the attractive mainland Chinese market. However, investors would have to accept the outcome of their decisions. Through the gradual easing of regulations, Taiwan could develop a more stable relationship with mainland China, he added.

Schive was the latest economist Chen met over the past week in an attempt to heed opinions from the academic realm, hoping that it might help correct some of the loopholes in the government’s policies. Addressing domestic economic woes, Schive pointed out that Taiwan will face an increasingly difficult environment, as a result of a probable slowdown in the U.S. economy over the coming year.

The government, said Schive, may consider expanding public investments to improve the domestic investment environment.

More importantly, the government must rebuild the people’s confidence by maintaining continuity and consistency in its policies, he said. “Also, the government should always respect and listen to professionals,” he added.