Sophie Wang demands apology from Chang friend for alleged attack

The China Post staff

Former actress Sophie Wang yesterday demanded a public apology from a friend of John Chang, former secretary-general to President Lee Teng-hui, for a “physical attack.”

But Chang’s friend, Chao Lin, in a statement, claimed the conflict was “a result of Wang’s intentional violent attack on Chang.”

Wang, accompanied by her lawyer, held a press conference and demanded an apology from Chao, who allegedly physically attacked her on Thursday night. She also asked Chang, who was allegedly involved in the extramarital affair with the actress, to clear her name for “he is the one who had set her up.”

The actress, whose left arm was wrapped with bandage, said she will look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit.

Despite of that, Chou insisted his innocence, saying that Wang accidentally tripped over by a bicycle on the street and there were witnesses at the scene.

The former actress, according to Chao’s statement, not only scolded Chang but also attacked him when she saw him walked out of a restaurant with his friend.

Chao said he was instead attacked by Wang while trying to protect Chang from being hurt. The secretary-general resigned from his post after local media accused him for having a six-month affair with Wang about a year ago. But Wang denied the allegation and said her reputation had suffered from the inaccurate report.

Meanwhile, Wang declined to confirm she would take part in the upcoming legislative elections.