Camby contrite as he awaits word on NBA suspension


A much calmer Marcus Camby took full blame for his actions as he awaited word Tuesday from the NBA on the length of his suspension for throwing a punch at an opponent that instead decked his own coach. “I regret that I lost my cool, because that’s not me,” Camby said at the Knicks’ practice facility. “Those who have been around me since I’ve been here know that I’m an easygoing-type guy. “I just lost it when I saw that blood, and I was truly, truly in the wrong.” Camby’s punch did not strike Danny Ferry of San Antonio because coach Jeff Van Gundy stepped between them at the last moment. Camby’s head collided with Van Gundy’s, opening a cut above Van Gundy’s left eye that required 12-15 stitches. Camby had scrapes above both his eyes Tuesday — one from being poked by Ferry, one from colliding with his coach. Van Gundy’s eye also remained swollen. “Seeing Jeff today, I just feel sorry for the guy,” Camby said. “Because if you look at him you think he’s really been in a fight.” While jostling for rebounding position, Ferry struck Camby in the eye late in the fourth quarter of New York’s 104-82 victory over the Spurs Monday. After being restrained by one referee and speaking with another, Camby suddenly bolted toward Ferry near the scorer’s table and threw a roundhouse punch. If Van Gundy hadn’t stepped in the way, the punch might have connected and Camby would be facing an even longer suspension As Camby left the court, he grabbed a folding chair — an action he admitted was “ridiculous” — before a security official took it away from him. He stood outside the Spurs’ locker room before being persuaded to leave, then spent another 20 minutes in a tunnel near where the Spurs’ team bus was idling. “My car was blocked in, so people thought I was down there waiting to start something. If you had seen (Knicks president) Dave Checketts trying to push this car out of the way to get my car out of there, it was the funniest thing,” Camby said. Camby met with Van Gundy on Tuesday morning after speaking with several teammates by telephone Monday night.