Lawmaker criticizes band rape woman

The China Post staff

Independent lawmaker Lin Jui-tu made the unusual move yesterday of calling a press conference to announce that the woman accusing members of the local band Chairman of gang raping her had already accepted NT$50,000 in return for keeping silent.

Lin also saw fit to make public alleged details of the woman’s personal life, saying that two different men had spent the night at her house during the three nights before the gang rape was said to have occurred. The involvement of Lin, who is known for revealing government corruption, in a rape case raised some eyebrows yesterday. In a commentary, the Chinese Evening Post said: “It would appear that Lin’s efforts in looking into this case exceed those spent on reviewing the (central government’s) budget and make it difficult not to question his motives and enthusiasm.” During yesterday’s press conference Lin claimed that band members contacted him on the morning of Jan. 31, the day after the incident occurred to ask for his help. Lin claimed that that was the first time he had ever met the members of the band involved. As to the extent of his role, Lin stressed that he went to the police station where the case was reported, a fact that he had earlier denied, to make sure that the investigation was handled fairly. He also said that during the past few days he had gathered a considerable amount of information relevant to the case that he would turn over to the Prosecutors Office. According to Lin, the day after the incident occurred representatives for both parties met and agreed on a price of NT$50,000 in return for putting the matter to rest. The money was handed over to a manager at the bar where the victim worked and was to be handed over to the victim, Lin said. He also invited the woman to come forward and set the record straight if any of his claims were inaccurate. According to the lawyer representing the victim, his client has avoided making any public statements because she was worried that by doing so she would destroy her future. However, the lawyer, surnamed Wang, added that his client would come forward with her story if her reputation was slandered. Wang went on to say that his client had never requested any specific sum of money during negotiations. And by the time she had received the money, some NT$10,000 had been distributed to representatives from the band’s label and the bar where the incident took place, he said.