Philippines investigators question girlfriend of Taiwan murder victim

The China Post staff

Filipino investigators in charge of the kidnapping and murder of Chang Ming-wen, the Taiwan businessman last month found shot to death in the Philippines, yesterday questioned the victim’s girlfriend for her possible involvement of the case. According to officials at the government’s Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taipei, since Chang’s death first came to light on January 31st the Filipino investigators have found the statement given by the victim’s girlfriend Hung Yi-ting did not quite add up. It was Hung that first reported Chang’s kidnapping to local law enforcement authorities in Manila. According to Hung’s deposition both she and Chang were abducted by a pair of robbers on their way home from a trip to Manila’s international airport. Hung also told police that she was released by the kidnappers so that she could put together the ransom for Chang’s release. However, upon further probes, authorities in Manila were surprised to find that Hung had actually delayed reporting Chang’s kidnapping until well after his body was found by local residents. In addition, it was said that police in Manila have also been suspecting that Hung withheld vital information on the kidnapping and the exact location of the hiding place used to detain her boyfriend. Meanwhile, accompanied by Taiwan officials stationed in Manila, Hung was questioned yesterday by the Filipino authorities, as local police continued their investigation into the killing of the Taiwan businessman.

In response to the latest development of the murder case, Chang’s mother yesterday said she believed that her son’s girlfriend actually played a part in the kidnapping and murder of Chang. According to the victim’s mother, before her son left for the Philippines he actually told her that if something happened to him it would be because of his girlfriend, since her brother had not been on good terms with him.