Taishin records highest before tax earnings in January of publicly-traded banks

The China Post staff

According to the latest statistics released by the 13 publicly listed new banks in Taiwan, Taishin International Bank ranked the highest in before tax earnings during the month of January with NT$313 million. E.Sun Bank came in second with pretax earnings of NT$257 million in January, followed by Fubon Commercial Bank with NT$240 million and Bank SinoPac with NT$210 million. The rest of the new private banks reported pretax earnings of NT$84 million to NT$183 million during the month. As for pretax earnings per share (EPS) in January, Bank SinoPac, which was number three last year, took the number one position with an EPS of NT$0.21. Taishin International Bank, however, fell from last year’s number one spot to number two with an EPS of NT$0.165 in January. Meanwhile, E.Sun Bank came in third by overtaking Fubon Commercial Bank, posting an EPS of NT$0.15 and NT$0.12 respectively.

In terms of total deposits and total outstanding loans, Taishin International Bank took the lead in both categories, reporting NT$229.3 billion in total deposits and NT$181.6 billion in outstanding loans as of the end of January. Fubon Commercial Bank came a close second in total deposits with NT$228.8 billion, followed by E.Sun Bank with NT$202.3 billion, and Bank SinoPac with NT$202.1 billion.

The remaining new banks recorded total deposits of NT$135.9 billion to NT$190.8 billion. The Chinese Bank ranked second in terms of total outstanding loans with NT$172.9 billion as of the end of January, followed by E.Sun Bank with NT$167 billion, Fubon Commercial Bank with NT$157.9 billion, and Bank SinoPac with NT$155.2 billion. The other new banks reported total outstanding loans of NT$106 billion to NT$145 billion.