Mobile television service launched on Singapore buses


Bus commuters on the island-state can now watch news and entertainment programs while on the move after broadcaster Media Corp. of Singapore (MediaCorp) launched a mobile television service on Wednesday.

Commuters reporting to their offices on Wednesday noticed the sleek, dark television sets mounted near the back of the driver’s seat.

Information Minister Lee Yock Suan said at a launching ceremony that an initial 1,500 of the 2,500 buses operated by Singapore Bus Services have been equipped with the state-of-the art mobile television system.

“It will reach out to about 1.5 million public commuters daily,” he said.

“They will be able to watch television while on the move and fill their travelling time with entertaining programs and news updates,” he said, adding that Singaporeans are the “first in the world” to benefit from the service.

Through modern digital technology, broadcasts are received “on exactly the same frequency everywhere — there will be no need for the bus to retune as it moves around.”

MediaCorp. will consider extending the service to other modes of public and private transportation “if it makes good commercial sense,” he added.