CLA to allow direct hiring in May

The China Post

The Employment and Vocational Training Administration of the Executive Yuan’s Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) recently announced that beginning May 1, domestic manufacturing and construction firms would be allowed to directly hire workers from the Philippines. As for the direct hiring of Filipino household workers, the measure won’t go into effect until August 1, since Taiwan and the Philippines have yet to work out the details regarding their working hours and wage standards. CLA officials said that both sides have reached an agreement on the recruiting and contracts of Filipino workers in the industrial sector. Based on the agreement, Taiwan employers will be able to recruit Filipino workers through the facilities and services provided by the Philippine overseas employment agencies. These services include maintaining a database of Filipino workers, assisting in the physical examination of the foreign worker, collection and processing of documents, as well as holding seminars on living tips when working in Taiwan. If the Taiwan employer is unable to find suitable workers from their human resource databases, the Philippine overseas employment agencies will place recruitment advertisements and book travel arrangements on behalf of the employer. The employer’s recruiting expenditures will be limited to travel expenses for interviewing the laborers in the Philippines and the advertisement fees for recruiting workers with special abilities. However, the greatest breakthrough is the Philippines no longer insists that the salaries of Filipino laborers working in these industries should include meals and accommodation. Instead, these terms will be left up to the employer and worker to decide. It is expected that employers will no longer provide meals and accommodation, as long as they reach an agreement with workers.

CLA officials said the move is designed to help local enterprises reduce their cost of introducing foreign workers.

As to household workers, the CLA is inclined to set maximum daily wages and mandated leaves of absence by keeping such terms in line with the Labor Standards Law.