Philippine church leader hails Estrada arrest


Influential Philippine Catholic church leader Cardinal Jaime Sin hailed the arrest Wednesday of deposed leader Joseph Estrada on charges of economic plunder.

“The wheels of justice are moving. This is good for the nation, good for the people and good for the former president also,” Sin said in a statement.

Sin, who played a key role in launching the popular uprising in January that toppled Estrada from power, urged the government to “pursue this case without delay.”

“I am appealing for all our countryman not to allow this turn of events to be reduced to a class war among our people,” he said. “Let us face this case with clarity of mind and charity of heart.”

Sin, who commands great influence in this largely Roman Catholic nation, is a longtime critic of Estrada, a 64-year-old former movie star who openly admits to a history of womanizing, drinking and gambling.