U.S. first lady on list of most beautiful people


Though barely 100 days in the White House, U.S. first lady Laura Bush earned an important distinction Wednesday, making her way into People Magazine’s prestigious list of 50 most beautiful people.

Bush, who thus far has kept a relatively low profile, finds herself in the company of Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez, Heather Locklear, Ed Harris and George Clooney.

Precious few outside the entertainment industry made the list, which will be featured in the issue of People Magazine that will hit newsstands on Friday.

One of them is Navy Lieutenant Shane Osborn, who piloted the ill-fated U.S. spy plane that collided last month with a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea and made an emergency landing on China’s Hainan Island.

The strapping Osborn is credited with managing to pull the damaged EP-3 Aries plane out of a steep dive and saving the lives of all 24 crew members.

“Heroic” was the word most frequently used to describe Osborn’s performance during the incident.

Hong Kong-based action movie actor Chow Yun-Fat was singled out for playing the leading role in more than 70 films that have made him a superstar throughout Asia.

Also on the list is actress Zhang Ziyi, who played a lead role on the Oscar-winning Taiwan movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

“She’s sexy and she’s innocent, and beneath her exterior there’s something untamable,” film director Ang Lee said of Zhang. “In real life she is the hidden dragon.”