Japanese firm introduces advanced CPU program

By Joyce Chang, The China Post

Japan-based Dream Technologies Corp. announced yesterday that it will promote three of its patented software products based on its world-leading Digital Cell Technology (DCT) in Taiwan, which it will use as a springboard into the Greater China market. The three patented software products are ImpactViewer, NexuMap and WordLink, all based on the Japanese company’s leading technology DCT. “DCT expands the CPU’s executing structure from step-type application programming and operates individual cells separately to provide a high processing speed with a minimum CPU load,” explained Dream Technologies Taiwan’s president Thomas K.S. Yuan, “DCT allows the CPU executing programs to run with the smallest load, achieving the highest speed.” Although established half a year ago, Dream Technologies Corp. chairman, Eugene Y.C. Chang, announced with full confidence at yesterday’s product presentation that he plans to enter into the mainland China market in the third quarter, adding that the product would achieve its revenue goal of US$200 million by 2004 in the Greater China market, which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

The founder of Japan’s largest digital appliances retailer Sofmap and also Dream Technologies, Kei Suzuki, showed up at the presentation, saying “I keep the same dream of success for this leading technology and the company as I had for Sofmap.” Founded in 1995, Dream Technologies Corp. was quoted on the Japanese stock market-Jasdaq on April 25. Based on DCT, the power of the ImpactViewer software was shown at the presentation by extending one PC to simultaneous multi-screens, allowing integrated displays of management resources accumulating in ERP (enterprise resource planning), and so adding support for accurate decision making. The DCT-based software, WorldLinker, is an Internet search engine that can link not only home pages, but also sound and image files.

Furthermore, breaking through the speed barrier for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the software NexusMap can browse maps on the Internet at high speed and in real time, which is has great potential for PDA, cell phones and GPS applications.