FT Bakery opens first tortilla mill in Taipei

By Alfed Lee, The China Post

The first modern tortilla mill was opened yesterday in Taipei by FT Bakery, also known as Florida Bakery, which has been operating in Chung Shan N. Road in Taipei for more than 40 years. A tortilla is a palm-size thin pancake made from corn meal and cooked on hot griddle until dry. Tortillas are the most popular food of people living in Mexico and Latin America.

To make a tortilla, corn meal is first made into dough, and a chef then slaps the dough with his two palms as if he is clapping his hands continuously. At least, that was the traditional way of making them. By opening the tortilla mill, the No. 1 bakery in Taipei is teaching people in Taiwan to appreciate Mexican food. The company set up a Web site to educate people about tortillas and provides a wide variety of tortilla recipes on the web. Its uniform resources locator (URL) is http://www.tortilla.com.tw Actually tortillas are very similar to the flour wrappings for Chinese “spring rolls.” A gourmet can wrap many delicious pre-cooked food such as fried beef, chicken, vegetable salad into a tortilla or spring roll. Many creative tortilla recipes can be found on the company Web site.