101-year-old man sinks hole-in-one

DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida, Reuters

Harold Stilson, who turned 101 in April, became the oldest golfer ever to make a hole-in-one when he used a 4-iron to ace a 108-yard hole on Wednesday at the Deerfield Country Club.

The hole-in-one, which was reported in the Sun Sentinal newspaper on Thursday, was Stilson’s sixth.

Despite playing golf since he was 20, it took him 51 years to score his first ace.

Stilson, a 27-handicap golfer, was playing in a tournament with neighbor Ken Fleming, 83, and Fleming’s son Pat, 56, when his tee shot disappeared into the cup on the 16th hole.

The Sun-Sentinel, quoting Golf Digest magazine, said the oldest previous golfer to make a hole-in-one was Otto Bucher, who was 99 when he aced the 130-yard, 12th hole at La Manga Golf Club in Spain in 1985.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t think I hit it very well,” the Sentinel quoted Stilson saying. “I turned and walked away and they [Ken and Pat] were shouting, ‘It went in. It went in.’ That’s the first I knew of it.”

“It was a perfect shot,” Ken Fleming said. “It rolled right into the hole and my son and I let out a hoot and a holler. Harold was just kind of ho-hum about it.”