Forum for Chinese high-tech leaders set

By Alfed Lee, The China Post

World Monte Jade Science & Technology Association (WMJST), an association for Chinese high-tech leaders, will host a forum on the new economy in the e-century today in Taipei. A large number of business leaders and venture capitalists will attend the forum.

The WMJST is an influential group of leaders in the business, science and technology sectors based in the U.S., which set up its Taiwan chapter yesterday in Taipei. The establishment of the Taiwan chapter, which will operate in the name of Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Taiwan (MJSTAT), is to promote the exchange of knowledge in the science and technology field, identify investment opportunities and venture capital, and to bring about technology transfer projects.

Liu Chao-shiuan, former vice premier of the Executive Yuan, was elected as the chairman of Monte Jade Taiwan. The summit forum is dedicated to the discussion on how business leaders should lead their operations in the face the new economy, which is being changed by the Internet.

Speakers at the forum are Liu Chao-shiuan, former vice premier, Matthew F.C. Miau, chairman of the Mitac Group, and Diane Ying, publisher of the Commonwealth Magazine Group.

After the one-hour forum, Jim Sha, founder of Springcreek Investments and formerly CEO of, will deliver a keynote speech on the winning strategy of the high tech industry with emphasis on venture capital and human factors. Sha also serves as the chairman of WMJSTA. Four panel discussions are scheduled after the keynote speech. The panel discussion from 11:00 to 12:00 a.m. will center on the competitiveness of high tech industry in the world.

The topic of the second session of the panel discussion will focus on the buildup of core competence of high tech professionals on the international market.

The third panel discussion, from 200 300 p.m., is on how to look for venture capital on the international market.

The fourth session, 300 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., is a sharing of experiences on how to become a NASDAQ-listed company. The vision of the organization is to build a “knowledge-based economic community” and to serve as the platform or bridge for the exchange of science and technology, investment capital, and technology transfer.

Founding members of the Taiwan chapter include chairmen from leading high tech companies in Taiwan such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, United Microelectronics, Acer Group, Mitac Group, major venture capital companies, principals and professors of universities and research institutions.

Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of U.S. West Coast was set up 1990 in Silicon Valley of California by a group of professionals serving in the high tech industries and academic institutions. In 1991 its chapters were established in Washington D.C. and other areas of the U.S. The World Monte Jade Science & Technology Association was formally chartered on February 21 of 1993.