TAS announces pioneering satellite telecommunications earth station

By Joyce Chang, The China Post

As a pioneer in the field of satellite telecommunication services in Taiwan, Teleport Access Services (TAS) yesterday announced the completion of its satellite earth station that includes satellite communication functionality, satellite broadcast capability and system integration services. At the launch of “Super Hub” station at Linkuo, Taipei County, TAS chairman Rock Hsu said: “It’s one big step for the private satellite telecommunication runners in Taiwan.” At an estimated cost of NT$1 billion, the new Super Hub is expected to be an international Internet carrier, and a data and multimedia center via satellite communication.

TAS started the first two-way T3 satellite circuit between Taiwan and the U.S. immediately after obtaining the first FSS license ever issued to a private company by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in October 1999. This event began a new era in Taiwan’s private broadband satellite telecommunication service. The advent of the broadband Internet service has made Internet backbone connections via satellite circuits a viable option for ISPs. President Micheal Y.C. Kuo said, “We will offer total solutions for leased line services, multicasting, SNG services, and software development.”

TAS has also introduced a new service system called BOD for ISPs, of which the ISPs are able to choose the width of band and they are then billed accordingly, compared to the fixed bandwidth of leased lines. Furthermore, in light of the break ups and failures of submarine cables, the satellite backbone will offer a backup connection for ISPs.

Established at 1994, TAS primarily specializes in providing video linkup services for satellite TV. The company cooperates with PanAmSat for satellite renting, and has developed the BOD system with Genie Network Resource Management Inc.