TSMC achieves ISO90010000 quality certification

By Karen Huang, The China Post

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC), the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, yesterday announced that its manufacturing and services have received ISO90010000 quality certification, marking it as the first wafer foundry to achieve this rigorous quality level.

Since the latest ISO90010000 standards became available five months ago, TSMC is the first semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan to receive such certification. Meanwhile, the ISO90010000 certification further marks the company’s quality in semiconductor manufacturing and services. “TSMC is the first semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan and one among a handful of IC manufacturing companies worldwide to obtain the new ISO90010000 certification,” said John Yue, TSMC vice president of Quality and Reliability.

“Through continuous improvement of our internal quality management system and the use of external standards such as the new ISO90010000, we are able to maintain our leadership in the increasingly competitive foundry industry,” he continued. According to the company, the new ISO90010000 quality system focuses on strategic planning, deployment, and measurement of results. The latest standard also stipulates a constant PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle and the evaluation of how effectively each system or business process will be carried out.

The object is to ensure the total satisfaction of external and internal customers.

After obtaining the original ISO-9001 certification in 1993, TSMC devoted itself to enhance its operational processes and quality systems. In 1998, the company was awarded the QS-9000 certification, the first domestic semiconductor manufacturer to get it. In addition, TSMC’s Fab7 and Fab8, which were added to the company last year through the acquisition of Taiwan-Acer Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, also obtained the QS-9000 and ISO90010000 certifications at the same time.

“With the ISO90010000 guarantee, our company will provide customers with foundry services of the same quality level throughout each of TSMC wafers fabs,” Yue added.