3M Taiwan to offer wiring for LANs

By Joyce Chang, The China Post

With an eye on the local telecommunication market, associates from 3M Taiwan signed a sales agent agreement yesterday with the electronic connector supplier DINTEK, allowing it to offer comprehensive copper and fiber wiring solutions for LANs (local area networks). Seeing the telecom industry as a major opportunity for growth, Michael D. Olson, 3M Business development manger Asia, at yesterday’s press meeting said: “We anticipates the rapid increase in the Telecom systems business not only in Taiwan and Asia but around the world.” Last year, Minnesota-based 3M acquired German-based Quante, combining 3M’s strengths in fiber wiring solutions with Quante’s copper wiring expertise. Olson explained that, “there is very little overlap between the product ranges, and in terms of geographic coverage, the 3M Telecom markets in North America and Asia are strong, while Quante is strong in Europe and Latin America.” While fiber provides higher bandwidth and greater speed than copper, 3M’s innovative high-density fibers with VF-45 connectors make the deployment of fiber backbone easier and more flexible.

Olson predicted that within 5 years fiber backbone would be used to connect the majority of homes on the island. He said: “No one will use telephone lines, everyone will use bandwidth.”

Despite fiber being able to meet today’s bandwidth needs over copper, the material cost of fiber is more expensive than copper, holding back the market penetration of fiber wiring. For the price argument, Olson said 3M’s leading-edge fiber and connectors will reduce the cost by twice compared to the traditional ST/SC copper wiring.