Computex hosts largest 1394 interface display

By Ruby Ying, The China Post

Twenty-one member companies of the Taiwan 1394 Association will demonstrate the latest high-speed data transfer technology, and give detailed product presentations and demonstrations of their solutions at this year’s Computex Taipei from June 4-6.

The 1394 Pavilion, located in Hall 2 of the Taipei World Trade Center, showcases the prowess of Taiwan manufacturers in designing software and hardware devices for an important interface in the digital age.

Founded in September of last year, the Taiwan 1394 Association aims to promote the use and production of “IEEE 1394.” The IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus, also known as “Firewire,” uses small cables and simple connectors to enable low-cost, high-bandwidth, real-time data interfacing between computers, peripherals and consumer electronics products. Members of the association include VIA Technologies — the world’s second largest chipset designer after Intel Corp. — APLUS Communications, Procomp Informatics, MGI in Asia, Texas Instruments, Microsoft Taiwan, and the Taipei Computer Association. “This is the first time that 1394 has had its own booth at Computex,” said Paul Hsu, chairman of 1394 Association.

As Computex is the largest IT trade show in Asia, the Taiwan 1394 Association expects that Taiwan manufacturers will promote the opportunities created by IEEE 1394 by jointly demonstrating their abilities in applying this new technology. “The fact that we have so many companies in the booth displaying their 1394 solutions highlights the growing importance of both 1394 technology and Taiwan manufacturers in this market,” noted Hsu. The speed of IEEE 1394 can reach 400Mbps, which is 20 to 40 times faster than the SCSI (superior compatibility and smart installation). The speed can even be upgraded to 800Mbps and 3,200Mbps in the future, allowing downloading which used to take 30 minutes to finish in five minutes. From cables and connectors, to hard disc drives and add-on cards, to digital still cameras and scanners, member companies will highlight their 1394 products in the hope that it will help bring Taiwan 1394 manufacturers to the forefront of this exciting technology.

Taiwan 1394 Association currently has over 90 member companies, including hardware, software, cable and components manufacturers. Since its establishment last year, the association has organized a series of events to consolidate the market growth of IEEE 1394.