U.S. teenagers say adults fun, but don’t listen very well

CHICAGO, Reuters

Teenagers think adults do a pretty good job at helping them find jobs and they concede adults are fun but they’re lousy listeners, according to a national “report card” released Tuesday.

A teen evaluation of adults was critical of adults’ lack of ability to stop them from drinking and using drugs, and they weren’t too impressed by adults’ abilities to get rid of gangs or run the government.

The lowest grade, a D+, was given to adults for their inability to stop young people from drinking. The teens also gave C- scores for adults’ poor listening habits, preventing young people from using drugs, getting rid of gangs and running the government.

Compared with previous surveys, however, adults went from C+ to B- in their efforts to make neighborhoods safe, being honest and preventing child abuse.

Adults were given a B for creating job opportunities and a B- for providing quality education, spending time with their families, fighting AIDS and for being a lot of fun.

The survey was sponsored by Uhlich Children’s Home in Chicago, a youth social services organization.

“The Uhlich Teenage Report Card” encourages a dialogue between adults and teenagers,” said Tom Vanden Berk, president and executive director of Uhlich Children’s Home. “We hope that this year’s results will once again inspire adults to hear teens out.”