Mainland PC manufacturer, TCL, introduces to Taiwan customers

By Karen Huang, The China Post

TCL, a leading manufacturer of electronics and information technology (IT) products in mainland China, yesterday introduced its Home Information Center (HIC) to local customers, which it claims will help to broaden the application of personal computers (PCs). TCL is the first mainland company to introduce its IT products in Taiwan. “Developed as a home information display (HID), HIC marks a milestone in transforming from an industry of traditional household appliances to the IT-oriented electronics, with a core competence in 3C convergence,” said Juliet Wu, vice president of TCL Group. She said that HIC would combine the functions of multi-media, telecommunications, and IA to endow desktops with a new life in the e-generation.

Equipped with Intel Pentium 4, the new computer enables a desktop to become an information center, connecting with electronic and household digital products, such as TV, cellphone, PDA (personal digital assistant), digital camera, and MP3 player.

TCL displays the latest series of its products at the Computex Taipei 2001.

“Facing the increasing demand of IA products, our company has integrated its strength in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing to create more competitive electronics and IT products,” said Andy Yan, president of TCL.

TCL revealed that it maintained an annual growth of over 50 percent over the past decade. Yang said that the company’s sales revenue in last year reached 20.5 billion renminbi.

Based on a report of Beijing Brandname Assets Evaluation, the company was ranked fifth in a rating of the mainland’s top 100 electronics & IT enterprises.

Compared to 15 billion renminbi last year, the sales revenue this year is expected to hit 20 billion renminbi.