Diebold and Licent launch ATM vending

By Karen Huang, The China Post

Diebold, one of the world’s leading ATM providers, and Licent yesterday jointly announced the launch of their first ATM Management Center (AMC) in Taiwan, also the first one in greater China.

Such vending systems were first applied to New York’s mass transit system. The second of such systems was installed in the Panchiao-Nankang line of Taipei’s rapid transit system. The two companies also launched an advanced ATM model, Diebold 3030, in Taiwan, which is claimed to operate with lower cost than the common ATMs.

There are currently around 15,000 ATMs around the island. Diebold claimed that one AMC can manage the businesses of around 30,000 ATMs.

“Despite the worldwide slowing economy, we are still optimistic about the Asian market, and will continue delivering our DIY banking solutions to customers,” said Michael J. Hillock, president of Diebold International. Based on information revealed by Diebold, the AMC will offer several services such as transaction processing, security monitoring and configuration management, bringing new services to Taiwan’s financial customers.

Different from traditional ATMs, the Diebold 3030 operates with integrated self-service solutions, allowing customers to deposit or withdraw cash in four denominations. Moreover, the ATM offers a wide variety of functions such as account inquiry, fund transfer, access to the Internet, customer relationship management, and others.