Auto parts and accessories exports to top NT$80 bil.

By Karen Huang, The China Post

With the annual exports of auto parts and accessories already hitting NT$73.9 billion last year, the figure for this year may exceed NT$80 billion given the continued growth in Taiwan’s exports of such products, according to the Taiwan Transportation Vehicles Manufacturers’ Association (TTVMA). Taiwan auto parts and accessory makers are optimistic about this year’s exports partly because of the increasing overseas investments by Taiwan automobile manufacturers, which will order auto parts and accessories from Taiwan.

Taiwan vehicles and auto parts makers have developed co-manufacturing systems helping individual companies save production costs to a certain degree.

China Motors is planning to produce the Freeca model, designed by CARTEC (China Motors Asia Research and Technology Center), by its affiliated Philippines-based Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, with a portion of the auto parts being imported from Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Ford Motors has been considering to establish a production system among its Asian affiliates in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries, and that may boost the sales of Taiwan-made auto parts to the Southeast Asian countries.

Yulon Motors and Toyota Taiwan are also planning to expand their overseas operations.