Another Chang harassment victim speaks out

The China Post staff

A renowned professor yesterday came forward to accuse Parris Chang, a ruling party lawmaker, of sexual harassment 10 years ago. The professor, who now works at a local private university, sent a letter in anonymity to a local newspaper, claimed she was invited by Chang to Grand Hyatt Hotel on a summer night 10 years ago for chit chats. She had known Chang for 10 years then. But Chang pushed her down on a bed and attempted to sexually harass her, she said.

The professor then struggled her way out of the room. Chang followed and apologized in the elevator. “Parris Chang is a bastard,” she was quoted by United Evening News as saying. She said she cannot forget what Chang had done to her, and despite Chang’s apology after the incident, she said Chang should be responsible for his deeds and should apologize to the ladies he has hurt.

The accusation marked the third of its kind toward Chang, whose former assistant Betty Wong brought under the spotlight earlier this month what she called an affair with Chang.

Linda Arrigo, a veteran human rights activist, followed Wong to make similar accusation.

The accusations revealed only the tip of the iceberg of Chang’s sexual misconduct, United Evening News said. The paper quoted sources as saying many female celebrities, including those who work for television companies as well, are also victims of Chang.