Woman accuses Taipei plastic surgeon over botched face-lift job

The China Post staff

A Hsinchu woman yesterday went public to accuse her plastic surgeon of a botched face-lift job, causing her to suffer from permanent baldness not long after the operation. The woman, 48-year-old Chen Hsiu-chu, said when she first visited Dr. Chang Yen-lu at his Taipei clinic in March, she was only there to enlist the physician’s service in ridding the bags under her eyes. However, upon subsequent “consultation”, Chen alleged that Chang actually told her that it was a face lift she needed and, before she was even able to sign the relief form for the operation, performed the medical procedure on her. Chen said that prior the surgery, Chang only told her that there might be potential complications but never bothered to point out exactly the types of adverse effects she could expect. As she recalled the traumatic experience, Chen was again overcame by the emotion before she suddenly burst into tears. The 48-year-old woman then said had she known that she was going to risk losing locks of hair permanently, she would never subject herself to the operation in the first place. Chen said that when she sought the plastic surgeon’s help for the falling hair, she was told by him that the hair loss was temporary and normal on patients who had just undergone the face lift operation.

The Hsinchu woman added that even though Chang had told her that the lost hair would grow back in two to three months, parts of her head that went under the knife still as “barren” as ever. In addition to the failed surgery, Chen also charged her doctor of tax evasion since she never received any receipt or proof of payment for the NT$70,000 she paid the physician for the medical procedure. Meanwhile, in response to the charge by the Hsinchu woman, the accused plastic surgeon, yesterday also launched a counter attack, accusing his patient of libel. Chang insisted that Chen was well-informed of the risks and potential complications before the surgery and accused her of purposely shaving her head before she went public with her story. He then denied that he was liable of malpractice and again refused to pay the NT$4.6 million in compensation demanded by the patient.