Lu urges people to ignore Beijing’s ‘sugar-coated’ unity formula

The China Post staff

Vice President Annette Lu yesterday warned the people of Taiwan not to follow Hong Kong in accepting Beijing’s “sugar-coated” formula for unification with the mainland. When addressing a gathering of local Junior Chamber of Commerce members in Hsinchu City, Lu drew the public’s attention to a survey by Hong Kong University which showed that 68 percent of the people in Hong Kong felt the former British colony is faring worse since the handover to Beijing in 1997. The survey also shows that 70 percent of the respondents take no pride in obtaining citizenship from the People’s Republic of China.

If Hong Kong’s experience is any measure, Lu said, people who have fostered illusions about mainland China should give up such naive thinking that unification with mainland China will help the island boost its economy.

The vice president said that mainland China depends more on Taiwan than the island does on the mainland in terms of economic benefits. She attributed 75 percent of mainland’s industrial development to investments by Taiwan enterprises.

Lu warned that Taiwan businessmen operating in mainland China should never think that selling out Taiwan would bring them great benefits. She said this would be too naive and just like “biting the hand that feeds them.”

She stressed that without the firm support of Taiwan for their businesses, they would find surviving on the mainland a struggle. Lu also reemphasized that Taiwan now suffers five major dilemmas in finance and economy, ethics, confidence, loyalty, and national defense. Nevertheless, the problems can also present opportunities, she said. She urged people in Taiwan to use confidence and love to turn the problems into opportunities and transform MIT (made in Taiwan) into IIT (integration, invention, innovation, invasion in Taiwan). With such a strategy, she said, the mainland may continue industrial production while Taiwan may develop a knowledge-based economy.