Teenage brother trio drown in Taoyuan

The China Post staff

Three teenage brothers in Taoyuan County’s Lungtan township were found early yesterday morning drowned in a pond located on the outskirt of the small village they lived in. According to fire fighters who participated in the search for the ill-fated youngsters, the whole incident began when the boys’ mother called local authorities to help locate them early Sunday evening. Once news of the teenage boys’ mysterious disappearance got out, dozens of residents from the same community immediately mobilized themselves to help look for the youngsters, 16-years-old Hsu Hsin-ming and his two younger brothers, both twins, 11-year-old Hsu Hsin-chun and Hsu Hsin-cheng. However, despite the search team’s effort to comb through the region in their search for the missing children, there were still no signs of the boys long after sundown. Just when the search team was about to call it a day, local police received a call, shortly after midnight, informing them that there were people drowned in the outlying pond. After rescuers arrived on the scene, they found the fraternal trio’s clothes scattered on one particular part of the pond’s shore. Soon, the boys’ bodies were found at the bottom of the pond. Upon initial investigation, rescuers suspected that the boys probably got into the fatal accident after they decided to take a dip in the water. However, there were also reports that the youngsters lost their lives because they were trying to save a puppy found not far from where they left their clothes. Since no witnesses were on hand to account for the tragic event, authorities said they would need to conduct further investigation to determine the exact cause that led to the drowning accident. Meanwhile, when the lifeless bodies of the boys were recovered from the pond, their mother, 47-year-old Wong Yu-mei, was devastated and was having a hard time accepting the cruel truth. With Wong’s financial situation less than adequate to pay for the burial of her three children, the villagers have decided to chip in to help her with the funeral of the three young boys.