Consensus called for on economics

The China Post staff

Both President Chen Shui-bian and Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan yesterday called for the building of a consensus on new directions for national economic development. When receiving a group of award-winning outstanding entrepreneurs, President Chen said he would soon chair the meeting of the cross-party economic development advisory committee.

In addition to economic factors, he also attributed Taiwan’s economic woes to political factors such as a lack of confidence. This is why he is eager to see various political parties jointly work out cohesive measures on economic and financial reforms to create a more favorable environment for enterprises to acquire adequate capital and stimulate vigorous development of private companies. Chen described economic growth as the life line for national survival and perpetual development. He emphasized that this is also his administration’s top priority. He expressed hope that all people in Taiwan can work together with him to attract new investment, rekindle economic vitality, and create job opportunities. KMT Chairman Lien Chan was invited to attend a dinner with a group of KMT lawmakers and thus skipping the ceremonial welcome of former President and KMT Chairman Lee Teng-hui returning from the U.S. Lien emphasized that what Taiwan people are most concerned about now is how to overcome the nation’s current economic difficulties. He said the KMT has spent a lot of time and effort to study effective measures to deal with these problems. A team of researchers led by P.K. Chiang, the chief executive of the KMT’s National Policy Research Foundation has unveiled 13 concrete recommendations to redress the issues. Lien said the KMT has presented the comprehensive 10-volume proposals to the Presidential Office and other government agencies for reference. He also asked KMT legislators to bring the proposals to people around Taiwan and win their support. Lien explained that the dinner was arranged by lawmakers a long time ago so that he was unable to personally go to the airport to join others to meet with former KMT Chairman Lee. However he offered his best wishes and welcome Lee back home. When asked by reporters about former Interior Minister Huang Chu-wen’s criticism of the KMT, Lien said he will no longer make comments concerning Huang. Huang is currently helping Lee establish a new political group to help the government and lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Meanwhile, the DPP yesterday decided to send three DPP lawmakers to the organizing panel of the president’s economic development advisory board. They include legislators Shen Fu-hsiung, Lin Fung-shi and Tsai Huang-lang. Shen will concurrently serve as one of the deputy conveners on the organizing panel.