President meets with young entrepreneurs

The China Post staff

“The triangular relationship between government, industry and non-profit organizations is what maintains the nation’s economic prosperity,” President Chen Shui-bian said yesterday while meeting with 90 representatives from a young enterprises association at the Presidential Office.

Chen yesterday expressed his appreciation for the group’s efforts to boost Taiwan’s economy.

The 30-year-old association, which has 22 branches across Taiwan, is managed by young entrepreneurs, and is designed to act as a bridge between government and industry.

Chen, describing himself as someone who started his career from the ground up, said he appreciated the group’s role as a “helping hand.” “Starting a business is hard, and helping people do that is even harder … I have endless admiration for the young entrepreneurs,” Chen said. “The government supports industry, industry gives back to society, and society helps the government,” Chen said. “Taiwan would not have today’s success without selfless organizations like the Chinese Youth Start-Up Association … government alone cannot make it happen.” Chen promised that the government would continue helping and serving industry and design economic and cross-strait policies that are in the best interests of industry. He also thanked both the ruling and opposition parties for passing the so-called “‘Six Financial Reform Bills” during a special legislative session last week. But he said financial reform alone would not be enough. “We need to improve the economy,” Chen said. “That’s why I called for the convening of an Economic Development Conference.” Chen said he appreciated the cooperative spirit of the four political parties and two political factions. He said he hoped the conference, which ends in late August, will produce positive results and consensus, paving the way for new legislative agendas when the Legislative Yuan resumes in September.