Mother, son die in Chiayi accident

The China Post staff

A mother and her young son yesterday died in a traffic accident in Chiayi County’s Minghsiung township when the motorcycle they were riding with her two other children were tailgated by an 18-wheeler truck.

According to investigators in charge of the case, the fatal traffic accident occurred when the mother, 35-year-old Huang Su-mei, used her motorcycle to transport her three children to school Wednesday morning. When Huang was about to turn right to get on an overpass not far from the Touchiao Industrial Park in the area, she was hit from behind by the high-speed truck seen trying to pass her motorcycle. The tremendous force of impact ejected Huang and her 13-year-old son from the two-wheel vehicle’s front seat where they were riding before they were then run over and killed instantly by the truck following. As for Huang’s two other children, both girls, they were also threw off the motorbike and tossed to the side of the busy road during the accident. Miraculously, they only sustained minor injuries from the fall and one of them was actually well enough to write down the number of the truck’s license plate before giving it to police. And when authorities finally caught up with the truck driver Cheng Jui-hsiang, he claimed that he had not seen Huang’s motorcycle when he turned right to get on the same overpass.