Typhoon Utor damages agriculture, forestry, fisheries

The China Post staff and agencies

Typhoon Utor caused total losses of NT$88 million to Taiwan’s agriculture, forestry, fishery and livestock sectors, according to statistics released yesterday by the Council of Agriculture (COA).

The statistics show that NT$35 million-worth of agricultural equipment was lost or damaged, along with NT$17 million worth of fishery equipment.

Meanwhile, seven fishermen caught in the gale-force winds and pounding rains of the typhoon, survived unhurt and were found off the Philippines coast, rescue authorities said yesterday.

The Foreign Ministry®AS¯ was arranging for the return of the fishermen, two from Taiwan and five from mainland China, the National Fire Administration said (NFA).

Their Taiwan-registered Sheng Yu Hsin fishing boat disappeared early Wednesday off the Philippines, it said.

A passenger died yesterday in front of the Cathay Pacific Airways VIP room at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taoyuan, according to a China Airlines official.

The male passenger, identified as an American Chinese named Chau Hang Tan, 65, collapsed outside the VIP room as he was to board a CAL plane bound for Hong Kong, according to a witness.

CKS International Airport summoned a doctor from nearby Min Sheng Hospital, but Chau was dead by the time doctor arrived.

The doctor said Chau most likely died of a heart attack or a cerebral disorder.

According to the CAL official, Chau originally took CAL flight No. 011 from New York to Hong Kong via Taipei, but as the typhoon was battering the former British Colony yesterday morning, he arranged to stay at CKS airport transit hotel.