Production value of optoelectronics products to reach NT$449.5 bil.

Alfred Lee, The China Post

The production value of Taiwan’s optoelectronics products is expected to reach NT$449.5 billion this year, a 31.2 percent growth over last year’s NT$342.6 billion, according to Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA).

The growth of the industry last year was 56.2 percent, the highest growth of the industry in recent years, said the association.

The production value of optical storage devices this year will reach NT$123.2 billion, accounting for 36 percent of the total. That of optoelectronics display products this year will be NT$121.2 billion, and that of optoelectronics input/output devices, NT$76.4 billion. Although the growth of the industry in the future may be affected by the changing demands of the international market, the production value in 2003 will still reach NT$559.3 billion. Optoelectronics display products will register a growth of 56 percent this year; optoelectronics components, 22 percent; optical storage devices, 15 percent; and optical input/output devices, 13 percent. The domestic market for optoelectronics products last year was NT$284.7 billion, 77 percent of which was optoelectronics display products. According to PIDA, Taiwan has become the most important production center of TFT-LCDs (thin film transistor liquid crystal display), OLEDs (organic light-emitting diode), and PDPs (plasma display panel) with overall production capacity being the largest in the world.

The number of manufacturers in the period from 1998 to 2001 increased four times, and that of production lines, six times. The production value in the period grew 14 fold, according to PIDA. The Opto Taiwan 2001 exhibition will be held July 26 through July 29 at Hall 2 of Taipei’s International Convention Center. A total of 198 leading companies in the industry will take part in the show. Optoelectronics products, including optical storage devices, input/output devices, displays such as LCDs and OLEDs and optical communications components will be displayed at the show.