Former Premier Hau, dignitaries to meet mainland China officials

The China Post staff

Former Premier Hau Pei-tsun and a group of retired generals left yesterday for mainland China, prompting speculations on the purpose of their trip. Hau, a four-star general before assuming the premiership in the early 90s, and the retired military officers, took a China Airlines flight to Hong Kong before transferring to Gueilin in the southern mainland province of Guangxi. Hau’s son, Environmental Protection Administration head Hau Lung-bin, confirmed that his father was on a golf trip to Gueilin. But Eastern TV claimed that Hau and the retired generals were having a military meeting with leaders of the People’s Liberation Army, and were expected to meet with mainland Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen. The group of retired generals included Yen Pai-chien, former head of the General Political Warfare Department; former Vice Defense Minister Ting Shou-shan; and Chow Chung-nan, former head of the Taiwan Garrison Command. Hau travelled to mainland China in September last year on a private trip.