Air-raid drill to be held in seven northern counties on Wednesday

The China Post staff

Authorities in charge of this year’s air-raid drill, known as Wan-an 24, yesterday said the latest exercise would take place on July 25 in 7 counties and cities in the northern part of the country. According to officials at Taipei Municipal Police Department, in addition to the capital city, Keelung and Hsinchu Cities along with Ilan, Taoyuan, Taipei, and Hsinchu Counties would also participate in the exercise. Authorities said the first phase of the air-raid drill will start at 100 p.m. afternoon, when blaring warning sirens will go off to notify residents of the official start. At that time, all vehicles and pedestrians still outside should proceed to designated “shelters” or buildings and no one will be allowed outdoors unless it is an emergency situation. In addition, officials said that motorists traveling on the Chungshan Expressway in the drill-participating regions during the time of the exercise will be allowed to exit the highway or continue on traveling. Meanwhile, as the second phase of the air-raid drill starts at 2:00 p.m. on July 25, the city of Taipei will hold its own rescue exercise simulating destruction and casualties that could be inflicted by potential military threats. Officials said that they would again sound the loud sirens continuously for 90 seconds to notify residents of the completion of the drill.