Election Commission decides on seats for legislative race

The China Post staff

A total of 168 electoral district seats will be up for grabs in the year-end legislative race, the Central Election Commission decided yesterday. The commission held a meeting of its members yesterday working out the number of seats and other regulations for the year-end polls.

The seats of most of the electoral districts remain the same as their current number, except for Tainan County, which will lose one seat from nine to eight, and Taoyuan County, which will gain one more from 12 to 13, the commission said. The revision to the number of seats were the result of changes to their populations, it said. Another 57 seats will be allocated to parties according to their vote share, it added. The commission also worked out the maximum sums of campaign funds candidates could spend. In Taitung County, a candidate will be allowed to spend as much as NT$7,758,000, the highest amount of all electoral districts, and in Lienchiang County (Matsu), NT$6,083,000, the lowest of all, it said. Please see RACE on page

Responding to criticism that the limitations for the campaign funds are unrealistic, as the amount actually spent would be many times more, the commission said they were seeking to revise the election law to raise the ceiling. Meanwhile, a lawmaker from the Democratic Progressive Party suggested that the 225-seat Legislature should be trimmed to improve efficiency. During a press conference promoting the cause, Legislator Lin Feng-hsi said there should be only 122 to 146 seats in the Legislature. Lin Li, a professor supporting the lawmaker’s campaign, advocated a referendum to settle the issue.