Mainland China radio station jams local frequency: BCC

The China Post staff

Officials from Taipei’s Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC) yesterday said they will seek the government’s help in solving “radio-wave interference” caused by a radio station based in mainland China. According to BCC officials, since Monday, they have been receiving complaints from listeners, who mainly reside in the Taoyuan and Hsinchu areas, about interference on BCC’s new AM radio station.

Upon further investigation, engineers learned that the overpowering interference was caused by “Voice of the Strait Broadcasting Station” based in Fuchien Province’s Fuzhou City. And since the Fuzhou station suddenly decided to broadcast in a frequency very close to that of the BCC’s news radio, interference inflicted by the much more powerful mainland Chinese radio has been able to completely cover the Taipei radio station’s regular programing at times. Meanwhile, in light of the unexpected interruption from across the Taiwan Strait, senior BCC officials yesterday said they did not think the incident was “politically motivated” but was an attempt by the Chinese radio station to “get everyone to tune in”. As for the news radio’s loyal audience in the affected areas, BCC officials said they could continue get their news from a sister station on a different frequency on the AM dial.