Officials to crack down on crimes linked to elections

The China Post staff

More than 230 law enforcement officials are expected to have a meeting today in Taipei to work out the strategies for cracking down on crimes related to the year-end elections, a local newspaper reported yesterday. The Taipei-based Liberty Times reported that high-ranking officials in the Chen Shui-bian administration have expressed dismay over election-related crimes. In an attempt to haul-in a huge amount of illegal profits, many criminals have planned to use violence to manipulate the results of the legislative, mayoral and county commissioner elections scheduled for December 1. Police authorities, according to the report, have received tip-offs that many members of local crime syndicates have privately contacted several candidates who plan to force their opponents out of the year-end races with violence. Those who commission the underground figures for manipulating election results will later offer a big reward to the criminals in return.

State Public Prosecutor General Lu Ren-fa will preside over the meeting this morning in the Taipei-based Investigation Bureau, according to the report. Justice Minister Chen Ding-nan is to address the meeting to reiterate the government’s determination to crack down on vote-buying and election-related violence. The Director of the Investigation Bureau Wang Kuang-ru, Director General of the National Police Administration Wang Chin-wang and many other top-ranking law enforcement officials will also attend the meeting. The officials plan to exchange their opinions and experience concerning the measures to fight against the crimes and the ways to collect evidence. They are also expected to work out the strategies to investigate into the elections-related crimes which have posted a major threat to the personal safety of many candidates. Meanwhile, the district prosecutors’ offices country-wide have established special task forces to monitor those who intend to buy votes from local voters.