Ruentex, Misawa introduce Japan’s ceramic M-home

Alfred Lee, The China Post

Ruentex Construction and Development Co. introduced a revolutionary ceramic “M-home” yesterday in cooperation with Japan’s Misawa Homes Co. Ltd. in Taipei. The M-home is resistant to natural hazards such as earthquakes, typhoons, fires and high humidity, according to Kazuyoshi Yagawa, executive managing director of Misawa Homes, who is in Taiwan presiding over the open house ceremony with Chao Hsi-jiang, chairman of Ruentex Construction and Davis Liu, president of Ruentex.

Misawa’s M-houses weathered the Osaka and Kobe earthquakes in 1995 without damage because the joints of its steel structure were designed to resist earthquakes. In the past 40 years Misawa has garnered more than 100 awards in Japan’s architecture design contests. The company has also overtaken Mercedes Benz in performance in Japan’s design contests.

“We are introducing a new housing concept in Taiwan after Typhoon Toraji and the 9-21 earthquake caused massive loss of life and damages,” said Ruentex Construction’s Chao. “We are pioneering the ‘hundred-year home'”, he continued. The internal wood doors, walk-in closets, stair rails and all other wooden parts are made of patented M-wood, which is heat resistant to 1,000 degrees Celsius. The M-wood used to make the porch is resistant to ultraviolet and humidity so that it will not bend or decay after exposure to strong sunlight and rainy weather. The M-wood is made from the trimmings and waste produced during wood board processing.

In addition to providing high quality and enduring building materials, Misawa places great emphasis on resource conservation, recycling, and environmental protection. This management philosophy was reflected in the M-home. For example, the wall panel is made of heat-resistant material so that inside temperatures remain cool in hot weather. The heat insulation of M-home is 12 times better than ordinary concrete walls. All the windows of the M-home have double window panes with the area in between the two window panes being vacuum-sealed. The windows of the M-home have the capability to fend off noise of up to 45 db. The M-home is also designed with human safety in mind. “The design of M-home is thoughtful in that it caters to the human needs of comfort and safety,” said Ruentex Construction’s chairman. The floor of the home is perfectly level so that elderly and small kids do not trip. The design is referred to as “barrier-free design.” All the cabinets and closets are so designed that fingers will not be hurt from careless opening or closing of the doors of the closets. The M-home introduced yesterday, priced at NT$58 million, has three stories and an interior area of more than 70 pings (2,520 sq. feet). All the materials and components of the M-home were imported from Japan. Company officials said that it only took one day to assemble the house. Ruentex is expected to build 80 M-homes before the end of next year in Sanji of Taipei County with each house having 70 to 100 pings. Each M-home will be priced more than NT$20 million.