Sony set to increase tech procurement from Taiwan

Alfred Lee, The China Post

After two months’ evaluation, Sony Corp. is expected to purchase 15 billion Japanese yen (NT$4.3 billion) worth of products from Taiwan in the period from October this year though March next year. Sony’s total purchases from Taiwan in the next fiscal year will be 40 billion to 50 billion Japanese yen (NT$11.5 billion to NT$14.3 billion). Sony will purchase electronic components for 35 computer and electronic products, including notebook PCs, personal computers, PDAs, mobile phones, semiconductor devices, play station (PS2), and 3C products. A detailed list of the components includes printed circuit boards (PCBs), power supplies, resistors, capacitors, memory cards, passive components, optical lenses, connectors, and alloy castings, etc.

The total purchase of Sony in the next two years will reach 500 billion yen (NT$150 billion). Sony’s top officials said that as long as Taiwan can supply high quality products, Sony will purchase as much from Taiwan as possible.

In June Sony held a large-scale procurement meeting in Taiwan in an attempt to purchase 500 components from Taiwan. The meeting attracted 250 local manufacturers of electronic and IT products, including such industry leaders as Acer Group, Hon Hai Precision Industry, and Delta Electronics.