Flowers are in full bloom on Mother’s Day

Sherry Chien,The China Post

With Mother’s Day flowers in full bloom in this season, consumers can select from the more than 1,000,000 carnations in stock at flower shops including roses, oncidiums, anthuriums and bluebells.

The Council of Agriculture (COA) is encouraging consumers to buy blooms for their mothers this Mother’s Day to help boost the flower industry. Retail prices for a single carnation usually range from NT$20 to NT$40. A bouquet of 20 mini roses cost around NT$200.

In order to promote the art of flower arrangement, COA has invited the China Flower Art Foundation and Taiwan Ornamental Plants Corp. to design six unique flower arrangements as gifts for Mother’s Day. “Handbags made with carnation flowers, or a champagne-colored pot of roses are exquisite gift for moms,” said Shen Chia-hui, president of the China Flower Art Foundation.

According to the COA, more than 1,000,000 carnations are in stock at flower shops along with 800,000 mini roses, 800,000 anthurium, 700,000 yellow lilies, 700,000 common camellias and 500,000 bluebells. All of these flowers can potted or made into bouquets.