Nokia introduces new mobile device

Sherry Chien,The China Post

Nokia, the leading mobile solutions provider, recently launched its new 9210c Communicator bolstered by cellular phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) functions. Nokia is also working together with application developers including Sun Microsystems, Olemap, Pocknet and Joypark in providing mobile smart map, fortune-telling applications and games.

The 9210c Communicator aims at people specializing in mobile commerce. It features desktop, cellular phone, messaging, network, address book, calendars and other functions.

“Cellular phones have become an important wireless personal digital tool; however, different consumers have different needs,” said one Nokia official. To enhance the 9210c Communicator, Nokia Taiwan worked in conjunction with Sun Microsystems, Olemap, Pocknet and Joypark to develop value-added applications. Nokia Taiwan and Sun Microsystems have introduced the Asia Pacific Sun-Nokia Wireless Java Initiative. Both companies said they will join hands in supporting wireless applications developers.

The Java language developed by Sun is the most important system in programming those applications. Olemap is a company offering the Internet Geographic Information System technology which provides Mobile Smart Map, the first e-map solution specially designed for cellphones. E-map includes road maps instructing users how to get to companies, schools and certain landmarks.

Pocknet was founded in November 2000 and provides complete wireless technology solutions. Its PFate software can predict one’s luck and fate. Joypark’s main business is cyber games and provides three games for Nokia 9210c Communicator users. These three games include boxing dance, scrap puzzle and goldfish. Nokia Taiwan also introduced “Forum Nokia,” a platform that supports Nokia-based application developers. The 9210c Communicator is available from any Nokia distributors for around about NT$29,800.