Sex please, we’re South Africans


While some World Cup coaches have barred players from sex during the one-month tournament in Japan and South Korea, Jomo Sono of South Africa is not about to douse the passions of his squad.

Reports here quoted Sono saying he had no intention of controlling the sexual urges of �grown men?ahead of Group B matches against Paraguay, Slovenia and Spain.

�Even if I were to ban the players from having sex while in camp, I�m sure they would sneak out and go looking for it,?former national star Sono told The Star.

�But these are professional players and I believe they will do what is in the best interests of the team. They know how much the World Cup means to our people back home.? Sono said the players were welcome to take wives, children and girlfriends to the quadrennial 32-nation showcase of international football provided they did not stay at the squad hotel.

Johannesburg sex therapist Elna McIntosh told The Star it was a myth that abstinence improved the performance of footballers at major events like the World Cup. �Although reports suggest that boxing legend Muhammad Ali abstained from sex for six weeks before a big fight, I believe sex before a match could be extremely beneficial.

�Players would sleep better after sex and probably feel better too for the match – provided they got to sleep on time,?McIntosh said.

She said coaches often feel that keeping players away from partners helps team building and encourages aggression, but sex with a loved one would be wonderful.

Poland coach Jerzy Engel backs Sono: �There will be a time for everything and nobody said that sex, at the right time of course, could do anyone any harm.?