Al-Qaida threatens strikes against U.S.


Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida movement will strike again against the United States and with at least the same force as on Sept. 11, according to a spokesman quoted by a Sunday newspaper.

Al-Qaida “will continue to work to strike against the United States”, the network’s spokesman Suleiman Abu Ghaith vowed in an article published on an Islamic Web site, Al Hayat daily said.

The site,, or “the call” in Arabic, could not be opened Sunday, but it regularly publishes views considered to be those of al-Qaida.

The group “will continue to work to strike against Americans and Jews and to target them, be it individuals or infrastructure.”

“What is in waiting for the Americans will not be inferior to what the United States has already gone through,” Abu Ghaith said.

“Let America be prepared to fasten its seat belt because, thanks to God, we are going to surprise it in a place where it is not expecting.”

The spokesman, who claimed responsibility in April for the September suicide hijackings, said the United States was targeted “because of what it does in the Islamic world and because, along with the Jews, it is the head of corruption and decadence and the reason for the injustice and persecution from which Muslims suffer.”

He quoted the example of “Palestine, where, for 50 years, the Jews with American blessing, have carried out the worst killings and repression as witnessed by the incidents in the Jenin refugee camp.”

Abu Ghaith also referred to the “victims of the embargo in Iraq, the wars in Afghanistan and Somalia and the stance of the United States against Muslims in Sudan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kashmir, Macedonia and Bosnia”.

Abu Ghaith, who taught Islamic studies in Kuwait until June 2001, was stripped of his Kuwaiti nationality last October over his links to the terror attacks.

He has frequently appeared on video tape alongside bin Laden on Qatar’s Al-Jazeera satellite channel since the U.S. launched its war on terror in Afghanistan.