Epower.com: a pioneer in burgeoning area of tablet PC manufacturing

Michelle Hsu,The China Post

The Tablet PC, a handy multi-purpose electronic device, is commonly regarded a rising star in the future computer market, a hope shown in Bill Gates’ announcement in May that Microsoft will formally launch several models of the Tablet PC in October this year. He believes that the new device will be the future notebook computer.

Several major Taiwan computer makers have been trying to catch up with the trend, and will demonstrate their newly-developed Tablet PC models during the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2002, starting from today.

The Tablet PC, however, is not a new product for Epower.com Technology Co., which debuted a version of the new electronic device in mainland China in mid-2000.

With strong handwriting recognition technology, the company’s Tablet PC is initially targeted at mainland consumers unskilled at Chinese typing. “They can use a plastic pen to write on the screen, just like writing on paper with a common pen,” said Chairman Michael Chiang.

Because of the complexity of Chinese typing systems, Chiang started researching a Tablet PC for Chinese users around two years ago. Not just a writing device, the Tablet PC combines other advanced electronic technologies like multimedia. It can also be used as a recorder or an MP3 player.

As former chairman of the GVC Corporation group which used to be the world’s major communications product supplier, Chiang integrates advanced wireless communications technologies into the Tablet PC. “With cell phone capability, the handy Tablet PC can function as a mobile phone or a portable information appliance with wireless access to the Internet,” Chiang said.

Moreover, as he added, the slate-shaped compact-sized electronic device includes all the functionality of a PC. That’s the reason why Gates believes that it will be the future notebook computer.

Having marketed its Tablet PC in the mainland under its own brand name, Epower.com is now adjusting its marketing strategy to target the global market, hopefully working as an OEM or ODM manufacturer for international partners.