Drunk drivers to have cars confiscated

The China Post staff

Drunk drivers, drug users and those who refuse to take the sobriety test will see their cars taken away by traffic police according to a revision of traffic law approved by the Legislature yesterday.

According to the revision of road traffic management and penalty act, those who drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and any restricted substance will be subject to a fine of NT$15,000 to NT$60,000, in addition to a one-year revocation of driver’s licenses. Their cars will also be confiscated by the traffic police until the fines are paid. The revised regulation stipulates a two-year revocation of driver’s license for a drunk driver who causes injury to the other party in a traffic accident. A drunk driver will have his license permanently revoked if a death or serious injury is resulted from his drunk driving. For those who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and any restricted substance or refuses to take the breathe test during the probation period, their driver’s license will be canceled, and the cars confiscated by the police immediately. They will be prosecuted if the fines are not paid within 15 days of citation. The revised law imposes stricter punishment on drunk drivers by abolishing paying a fine as a substitute for driver’s license revocation. Previously, a truck owner will also be punished if driver of the truck if found in violation of traffic laws. According to the new regulation, the owner has no liability if he or she has pre-checked the driver’s relevant credentials.

In addition, drivers who fail to repair or intentionally alter the equipment of their vehicles, including horns, rear mirrors, lights and brushes, muffler or exhaust pipe to the degree of endangering driving safety will be fined NT$900 to NT$1,800.