Chen vows to crackdown on ‘professional shareholders’

The China Post staff

When receiving a group of representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Taipei, President Chen reemphasized his “investment first, economy first” policy. He said his government will do everything possible to eradicate barriers hindering economic development. Citing the recent complaints by some industry leaders about the disruptions of the shareholders’ meetings by the “professional shareholders” as an example, Chen said he has instructed the ministries of Justice and Finance to set up a special task force to take actions to avoid the undermining the financial order of Taiwan. Chen also stressed that government authorities been employed to prevent unreasonable obstruction from residents in areas where power plants are built by investors in the private sector. Globalization and liberalization will also continue to be the cornerstone of the government’s policy as Taiwan, now a member of the World Trade Organization, has the obligation to fulfill its responsibility to trade partners. Richard Henson, president of the AmCham, said his organization will work together with the government of the Republic of China to ensure the continuous improvement of Taiwan’s economic development and competitiveness. Please see CHEN on page

He acknowledged the government’s efforts in the fields of financial reforms and fights against the collusion of money and politics. But he also pointed out the slowness in the government action concerning certain issues. While supporting the idea of signing a free trade agreement between Taipei and Washington, Henson said his colleagues at AmCham also see the need for the government to take certain necessary steps first. They include a stepped-up campaign against the infringement of intellectual property rights and the continually pushing for infrastructure construction. American business leaders called on President Chen after returning from their recent trip to Washington, D.C. to promote U.S.-Taiwan economic relations.