HK pop star held over Ecstasy find

The China Post staff

A famous Hong Kong pop singer suspected of taking Ecstasy was held by the police for interrogation early yesterday. William So was found lying on the couch inside a special room of the pub Texound raided by police. He denied having taken drugs, saying he was just drunk, and was not responsible for a small plastic bag containing six pills found on floor, police said.

Married three years ago, the 35-year-old artist has no children. He is among the most popular Chinese singers from Hong Kong.

Police had detained 11 persons from the room for questioning apart from So. Others included Liao Chi-lung, a television show producer, and several others including models and friends of Liao and So. So said he had finished a marathon promotion program around midnight yesterday but later had a meeting with staff of his record company until 2 a.m.

He then went to Room 18, a pub near Taipei World Trade Center, with a gang of friends, then he moved on to Texound, on Nanking East Road, to meet up with other friends.

Wearing black T-shirt and baggy pants with upper half of his white-colored underwear exposed, So said he was exhausted by the time he arrived at Texound. He said he fell asleep immediately after he got there, and he had no idea who owned the bag of pills.

But police dismissed the statement, saying the bag actually slipped out of So’s pocket when they were trying to pull him off the sofa. So’s friends said it is normal for artists to take Ecstasy to other countries and they didn’t know they had broken the law.

Police said So was in a half-conscious state and answered all questions by police simply with “it’s OK.” So’s record company has hired a lawyer for him, and all his colleagues said they would be surprised if So, who has a healthy image, would take Ecstasy. According to the United Evening News, Texound is the hottest Ecstasy pub in Taipei and is popular among artists and TV celebrities.